At Whippletree our best sales people are our customers.

"As a Company we have used Whippletree for a number of years. We have always found them to provide an excellent and friendly service from Estimating through to Delivery. One of the key requirements of our company is to use high quality materials at a reasonable cost. To date we have not found another supplier that compares with Whippletree's ability to provide these two vitally important ingredients which complements our production style and quality."

Paul McKenna, Coulson Joinery Ltd

"...To All at Whippletree, Thanks for another year of good service and for providing constantly good quality Oak, Lath, Lime etc..."

Green Restoration Ltd

"...David Hewitt was delighted with the Oak - and it takes a lot to please him. Very clear, very dry and even had a slight sweeping curve in the grain, end to end - highly desirable in a boats keel! Many thanks."

Henry Faire

"...I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the high quality of boards you have supplied us with...The quality of wood and the lengths of boards you have supplied us with is a truly stunning result."

Christine Kennedy

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