Our Story

A Brief Company History

As a business Whippletree has been established for over 30 years. Originally founded in 1989 to handle forestry contracting, it evolved almost organically, into the present specialist supplier of native Oak, with over 75,000 cu. feet of quality timber in stock.

From its start the founder’s traditional Cambridgeshire agricultural background ensured the Company did not confine itself to just harvesting trees, but to replanting them as well.

Thousands of trees planted by Whippletree throughout the region testify to the application of responsible forestry practices.

The Company has been in the vanguard of the ‘green revolution’ from the beginning.

Extensive Experience Of Exacting Projects

Extensive Experience Of Exacting Projects

An Ingrained Sense Of Purpose

Over the years Whippletree have been involved in many unusual and demanding projects. These have ranged from the provision of large curved and shaped beams, to steam bending and glue laminating, production of various shaped posts (turned, tapered, moulded etc.) and unusually long sections, to framing, plus matching to original items.

We have the experience to tackle almost any exacting engineering task a historic building renovation scheme might throw up.

A Traditional Company With Traditional Values

A traditional name for a company that believes in a tradition of solid trading values.

As a company we’re proud of these values and of our products. Every step of the way, from ‘stump to site’, Whippletree delivers best value to its customer.

Traceability - Your Guarantee Of Quality

Unlike most merchants, we can guarantee to supply native Oak

Our traceability scheme means we can identify the exact location in the UK from which every batch of timber has come. We insist on buying timber ‘at stump’. This ensures the timber’s quality and confirms its origin.

On site each harvested tree is allocated an unique serial number, this is recorded and a product label remains with the timber throughout the processing stages, so we can trace it all the way through to point of sale.

This accurate record also enables us to ensure that our on-going replanting is always compensated by our harvesting programme.

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